Review: On magnificently incrementing the wild vegetation, the Peninsula lies this Buddhist monastery. At the entrance to the peninsula on the sign the declaration is written on the Russian, German and English-here lies the Sacred Convent ... The hardly remarkable steps and the paths that joined harmoniously to the surrounding greenery, have to rest and contemplation. She meets the young monk with a soft smile on his lips - it puts his hands together in the greeting. One of the older monks, friendly smiles and offers to accompany you to-Sarananda Gunaratana living on the peninsula for 11 years. The Cathedral of the simple construction of astonishment from the contrast of white on the bright sculptures of the Buddha nature, outside and in comparison with the saturated colors in other Buddhist churches. This restrained simplicity of the inner space of the true pacification. In the evening, after sunset, you can in the pujaCeremony to participate, all participants have received under the white cord on the right wrist with the holy blessing from a monk Gunaratana. Experience the unforgettable hours - sitting in the sun on hot rocks, the surf of the Indian Ocean in the beautiful green of the jungle zuzuhörend on the peninsula.Visitors often ask what the donation for the time in the temple complex would be appropriate. The teachings of the Buddha are of inestimable value - our attention to Dana. The simplest translation of Dana's "generosity".

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